14 March 2011

Getting the word out!

Late last week and this weekend we've had several former members of the 74AES as well as LtCol John Harris active in contacting veterans' organizations, news outlets, reporters specializing in military issues, newspapers in the Springfield MA and New Hampshire area, as well as a couple law firms. One firm specializes in veterans issues which are before the Board of Veterans Appeals, and one specializes in Agent Orange issues and thus far has been very successful.

Personal: Today I learned my great brother-in-law, Sergeant First Class Willie Chiquina USA Ret, passed away with complications from Alzheimer's. Born and raised on Guam, and stationed there for some years later, Willy and my sister lost their first child while being medevac'd from Berlin to Landstuhl...the child died of neurological issues the parents always thought were associated with Agent Orange. In 1983 I had the honor of doing his last reenlistment before his retirement.

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