18 January 2012

Master Sergeant George Gadbois Has Passed

We have lost Gabby! On January 11, the former first sergeant of the 74th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron finally expired after so much suffering. His family was with him, a blessing itself, and he was at peace. My wife and I had come to the South to visit him (a trip happily interrupted by flying to Westover for his celebration) and we were fortunate to also attend his services.

Gabby and Wes (he's the good looking guy on the left!)
Gabby's family loves a gathering just as much as he did, and I'm grateful for the meal after the services to get to know them better. Later, they will let us know about arrangements for military honors in Spencer, Massachusetts which the family calls home.

Rest in peace, Gabby. You were a lesson for all of us on how to live our lives of faith and service.

Our dear friend, Master Sergeant George Gadbois, US Air Force, Retired.

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