22 February 2012

Oregon Health Sciences University - NEW C-123 exposure confirmation

Today the Secretary of Veterans Affairs was sent an Independent Scientific Opinion from Oregon Health Sciences University. In this expert opinion, Dr. Fred Berman concludes that C-123 aircrews flew aboard aircraft were indeed contaminated as per the 1994 Air Force tests (Porter/Weisman), and that exposure occurred within these "heavily contaminated" airplanes!

Dr. Berman agrees that the VA's announcement dismissing our Agent Orange exposure claim was incorrect, and that aircrews "were more likely to than not" subjected to AO-presumptive illnesses caused by the dioxin exposure.

The VA has claimed there wasn't even any exposure! This is in denial of multiple Air Force tests, reviewed and accepted by other federal agencies and universities, all which say there WAS both exposure and crew contamination.

What's it take? Gold tablets from Heaven?

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