19 March 2012

Great Story For Great Reporter! Call Us. Pulitzer Awaits !

Ace Reporter Looking for Great Agent Orange Story
Calling All Ace Reporters: This story has it all...romance, intrigue, adventure, airplanes, toxic dioxin chemicals, billions of dollarsgovernment cover-up & veteran abuseDid I mention airplanes? Did I mention romance?

2012 Prize for Agent Orange C-123 Story
Here is is, ready for your research, ready to put your      name on every wire service in the country, ready for you to get that well-deserved call from Columbia School of Journalism announcing the 2012 Pulitzer...with your very own name on it! Wow, that will leave the old J-School bragging you went there!

Are you backed by a great metropolitan daily or a large regional broadcaster? Do you have a sense of defiance? Do you yearn for an editor screaming "this story's too hot for us" as you type up your notes? Do you wish it had been you partnering with Bernstein as he met with Deep Throat? Well, Ace, that weren't nothin! Here's the blockbuster story of 2012 on a golden plate, just for the first hot shot like you to pull out his/her notebook, lick the pencil stub and start outlining the guts of a wicked awesome piece of journalistic excellence.

Here's what we offer: We are a group of 1500 manly Air Force guys and womanly Air Force ladies. We flew the C-123K Provider after Vietnam and have learned it remained heavily contaminated. Gosh, I don't know why we don't glow in the dark!

Our airplanes were discovered to be toxic, but there was a cover-up of sorts and our aircrews left unaware and unable to take health precautions related to their toxic exposures. The all-powerful Department of Veterans Affairs seems flat determined to prevent our veterans from receiving medical care (this is where you add tear-jerking emotional content), leaving us sick, and in some cases, leaving our widows in desperate situations. That ain't right, Ace.

Edward R. Murrow
This guy on the right set the standard. This guy invented journalism the way you always wanted it to be. It could be your voice saying, in effect, "This...is London." Not every reporter gets the opportunity Murrow had...or that you can grab right now!

We need your help fighting the VA's Evil Empire (that's funny...we need to fight them so they'll take care of us!) We need skillful investigative journalism, taking our 320 pages of detailed source materials and digging out the whole stinkin' mess -- we want to partner with a writer like you able to tell our story and in return, we'll give access to our pilots, flight nurses, maintenance personnel and point you to where the rest of the story can be revealed. Air Force, government agencies, universities, veterans, airplane boneyards, dark alleys, foreign agents, billion-dollar fines, dramatic court scenes...this story has depth and breadth you've never worked on before...give us a call and be the first to break the news!

We need you, Ace! Give us a few columns coverage and watch the story break.

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