29 June 2012

Only Safe Way to Fly the C-123

MANDATED Hazmat Protection for C-123 Personnel
Davis-Monthan AFB (AF photo)
 (note: airplanes still poisoned 29 years after last spray missions!)
According to the Air Force in 2000, this shows the only safe way to fly the C-123 following determination that the planes remained contaminated with dioxin and their years spraying Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Please remember that the Air Force considered the C-123 fleet "extremely dangerous" and "a danger to public health" and "heavily contaminated" right up to the point that the first veteran's VA claim was filed...suddenly, perhaps by VA magic wand or by clicking our little red heels together and making a wish, all the poison went away. We can trust the VA, right?

Here is our own design of the follow-on flight suit for C-123 aircrew:

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