16 July 2012

C-123 Agent Orange - "Lighten Up"

Bill Maudlin's Old Sarge putting the Dumpster out of its misery!

It has been a long year (and then some) since we began the C-123 Agent Orange effort. While VA and Air Force support for our exposure isn't yet available, it will be someday. There is more than reasonable doubt taking us over the threshold of "as likely to as not" in VA-speak.

But let's try to enjoy the happier memories of the Dumpster. For me, the best memory of all is of finishing long flights, putting into some base late at night, dropping our bags at the Q and heading for midnight chow. Then, just eating, chatting, drinking our coffee, complaining about John Harris' amazing military recon of the Hudson River (sure hope the tail numbers were painted over!) Enjoying each other's company. 
And the Provider itself gave us much to laugh about. What a Rodney Dangerfield airplane! What looks we got parked next to C-130s at Andrews or Wright-Pat! And what looks we got from pax when the navigator swung out his seat. Or when we went through rain and drenched everyone inside. 
This C-123, shot down in Honduras, unraveled Iran-Contra 
Central America - misjudged end of runway!
C-123 Engine Start!
I'm much happier now we've upgraded the Dumpster's cockpit!

C-123 flight suits we SHOULD have been issued!

C-123 veterans - contaminated but not exposed
VA Claims Adjudicator - after denying C-123 claims!

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