20 August 2012

Scaled Back "Questions" about C-123 Agent Orange Exposure

On our August 14 blog entry I posted a list of thirty questions we veterans have about the C-123 Agent Orange contamination saga. In preparing the more detailed materials to be posted to President Obama, I've reconsidered a few of the issues. I'll drop them. I don't want to seem vindictive or malign the Air Force.

The questions which will be dropped reflect on individual DOD civilian employee actions and are genuine concerns. DOD civilians stole certain items from the various C-123 aircraft stored at Davis-Monthan before the airplanes were destroyed. Further, DOD civilians falsified certain certificates - important certificates!

And there were other events which could bear exposure. But in doing so, nothing would be resolved to advance our goal of VA acceptance of our Agent Orange exposure claims. We'd only bring the actions of individuals to the light of day and I don't see the point of it. These individuals made mistakes but probably none which affect our veterans' claims before the VA. I don't see how what they did causes any further harm to us or the Air Force itself.

Contaminated C-123 Quarantine Area, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
Instead, we'll focus very tightly throughout September in our address to President Obama, dealing with those issues which make our case that the C-123 fleet was contaminated to the point that aircrews, maintenance personnel and aerial port personnel were exposed. We'll tear into the VA's construction - a false construction - of "dry dioxin transfer." We'll show how the VA spent 2011 and most of 2012 preventing our veterans' legitimate claims for service connection.

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  1. Major Carter, I was at Eglin AFB early and mid-70's, flew in C-123's, handled parts, etc., I've fought Prostate Cancer 3-times in the past 10-years and I'm not 60 yet and I have AVN in advanced stages getting new hip and upper femur next month (Sept 2012). I have a twin brother who has nothing wrong with him, nada, zip! Any use file a claim due to Agent Orange? I'm 40% with VA for when my knees quit working properly. I had 12.5 years Active Duty. Suggestions?


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