24 October 2012

They Shall Not Pass: VA Official

1918 French Soldier at Verdun
They shall not pass. This, the famous pledge by French military leaders in World War I as they defended the famous fortress city of Verdun from the attacking German army. Over 200,000 lives were lost, but the fortress city held, and eventually France was victorious.

They shall not pass. This, the true meaning of the infamous quotation below made by the Director of the VA Compensation Services, as he dealt with C-123 veterans' Agent Orange exposure claims. In his September rejection of my own VA claim, he challenged science and medicine with his statement:
"In summary, there is no conclusive evidence that TCDD exposure causes any adverse health effects."
"I don't frickin' believe it" this, the first comment received from an internationally-respected dioxin scientist, reading in shock the director's surprising comment. Believe it, sir. the director wrote his comment in a very formal denial of benefits, addressed to the Portland  (OR) Regional Office of the VA. The director's effort to "correct" countless scientists, physicians, and legislators would seem to be tilting at windmills, but for the fact that the director is the very fellow to make the VA decisions. And I don't frickin' believe it either!

In French, "Ills ne passeront pas/On ne passe pas." They shall not pass. Such determination of French military leadership in 1918 cost the lives of 200,000 troops...a price they were willing to pay. Compensation and Pension seems equally determined with its own "They shall not pass" position prohibiting consideration of C-123 veterans' dioxin exposure claims, but here the suffering this statement costs will be our own...not VA's. 

VA defies the world by denying TCDD is the most toxic of toxins, the most dangerous toxin on earth and a Class 1 carcinogenic. VA's statement tries to prove wrong the collective judgements of medical, scientific, environmental, legal, and legislative leaders. But, however deceptive, this statement stands because, not of its truthfulness but merely because of the director's position. It is yet another nail in our coffin and evidence of the VA's determination to prevent additional veterans turning to it for medical care. They shall not pass!

Not on his watch!

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