05 December 2012

VA Needs Data About C-123 Veterans - NOW!

The Veterans Administration and the Air Force...heck, EVERYBODY is confused about our C-123 veterans head count and personnel issues. The questions hitting us are:

1. How many C-123 veterans are there?
2. How many have submitted VA claims?
3. How many have VA claims which have been denied or approved? We don't know of any approvals.
4. Does any C-123 vet have an appeal of a VA claim denial in process with the BVA or other agency?
4. Can any or all of us claim having flown Patches or other known Agent Orange spray birds? IMPORTANT - did you fly Patches (Tail 362) or not?
5. We have been collecting a list of illnesses with LtCol Paul Bailey putting the list together in Excel - if you have not already submitted your name and whatever AO illnesses you claim, please give him your info by an email to: a208773@rocketmail.com
6. Please pass the word to other C-123 veterans - we estimate our people to number about 1560 aircrew, aeromedical evacuation, maintenance and aerial port personnel. The AF thus far has declined helping us search for retirees but we hope we can find each other by personal contacts. We also hope the VA can approach AF for help locating our people through retiree records. Again, have them write LtCol Bailey or Wes Carter, at wes@c123cancer.org
7. We need to know of deaths among our veterans. We know of just a few (Tim Olmsted, Bob Boyd, "Doc" Werner, George Gadbois, Lou Paskavitz, S. Glenn, Ron Ploof, Bill Schindler) but VA needs to get a better handle on those who have passed and their illnesses.

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