21 October 2013

Apple Publishes "C-123 Veterans: VA Illegally Denies Agent Orange Benefits," Verson 3.2 for iPad

Free book! Worth every penny!

Got an iPad? If not, start dropping Christmas gift suggestions, because the iPad version of our C-123 book has been published by Apple. This is the 3.1 edition of the book, which has been constantly updated with new materials such as VA regional office decisions, correspondence, and other helpful resources...over 350 pages of background on the C-123 Agent Orange saga.

A great feature of the iPad books is the ability of authors to insert photos, videos, recordings...things to make the book come alive with motion and content as it is read. We have inserted such great items, but at the cost of the book file being quite large...over 150 MB.

Please download this free iBook from Apples' iTunes site. 
Free. Read it NOW!

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