05 June 2014

Dow and Monsanto Issue New Defenses of Agent Orange

In papers recently released by the Department of Veterans Affairs (although earlier withheld against Freedom of Information Act requests by stating no such documentation exists,) an article was identified as authored by scientists sponsored by Dow and Monsanto, the wartime manufacturers of Agent Orange. Veterans might recall that Dow and Monsanto are quite defensive when questions arise about their role spreading the toxin worldwide, and their money continues to be spread about to defend themselves.

Authors Ginevan and Ross were retained to focus on the Stellman finding which confirms the C-123 veterans' exposure, and the subsequent Committee of Concerned Scientists and Physicians letter reaching the same conclusion. The chemical firms' writers attack the science used by the independent and unpaid experts...unsuccessfully!

The only news here is that Dow and Monsanto are still spending money whenever and wherever
they can challenge any veterans' hopes of receiving VA medical care for Agent Orange illnesses.

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