15 October 2014

NEW YORK TIMES: US Military Hid Iraqi Chem Weapons Info!

New York Times publishes dramatic front page story!
 ISIS capture of some chemical weapons "likely!"

US military officials, both in the field and back in CONUS, hid evidence of troops' exposures, denied medical care to troops exposed to nerve agents and mustard gas. US military medical facilities provided inadequate post-service care.

All was hidden from Congress as well as serving EOD experts needing this vital information for their own safety and mission accomplishment! A few troops ended up handling shells dripping mustard gas –without their chemwarfare gear on–  because information about aged Iraqi munition stocks was suppressed and the shells were rusted, pitted or otherwise unidentifiable.

At least one bunker of 1991-era chemical weapons may have been allowed to fall to ISIS, and smaller quantities are known to have been gathered up by them from burial sites and old armouries around the country. Such munitions have already been used as IEDs by ISIS as well as other insurgents.

The Secret Victims of Iraq’s Chemical Arms
By C.J. CHIVERS, The New York Times

"The Pentagon kept silent as munitions left over from Saddam Hussein’s war with Iran found new targets from 2004 to 2011: American and Iraqi troops."

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