08 June 2015

Hello, VA. What's Happening?

Five Months Since IOM - Five Months Denied Care!
Not that we're impatient. It's just that we're sick, some are dying, and we think it might be better if VA unlocked its hospital doors and permitted our veterans access to the medical care Secretary McDonald wrote about in March. It would be great if VA permitted access to medical benefits so we can have our cancers, heart disease, diabetes, ALS and other ailments cared for.

Delayed medical care for deathly ill and elderly veterans is medical care refused!

Still no word. VA hospital doors still locked!

When VA medical care is denied eligible veterans, the effect is no different than VA administrators yelling at us to go away while locking their hospital doors to prevent our entry.

Six months ago today, the Institute of Medicine confirmed our toxic exposures and ailments. The first Gulf War was over in less time, including both Desert Shield and Desert Storm. It shouldn't take six months to resolve administrative barrier to our care.

VA was shown to be wrong on the science and the law from the very beginning, wasting years before turning to the IOM.. VA set up its contract with the Institute of Medicine in early 2013, detailing the questions needing answers. VA had a year and a half to get around to meeting its statutory duties towards us. With only two possible outcomes, "yes" vets were exposed or "no" vets weren't exposed, VA should have been ready with a "yes" solution in place not later than March 2015. VA's "no" was already in place, so all their leaders had to do was complete planning for a possible "yes" answer from IOM. It's not like this is some big surprise to the over 300,000 folks at VA.

There's no excuse for scratching their heads for the last six months in what seems total confusion. There's no excuse for keeping their hospital doors locked because they haven't spared the time to do their duty, and locked despite the Secretary's April email directing medical care be permitted.

VA's long refusal to permit our care. Wwe veterans continue to pay the price for that as we wait through VA's inaction, confusion, and disinterest. VA's stall only further tarnishes the reputation of the nation's largest health care system.
Years of VA Refusing Medical Care to C-123 Veterans...plus half of 2015!

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