13 April 2016

Amazing! Blue Water Navy Vet Wins VA Claim By Citing Our C-123!

This fellow served aboard the USS Ttconderoga, but claimed its aircraft returned from Vietnam with Agent Orange residue. So, this Blue Water Navy vet wins his BVA appeal thanks to our C-123 efforts!
"The Veteran has credibly testified to repeatedly maintaining helicopters that were covered with leaves, dirt, and other debri from areas in Vietnam that would have likely been cleared by Agent Orange, and it would therefore be improper for the Board to draw a distinction between a Veteran who maintained a plane which was used to spray herbicide and a Veteran who maintained helicopters which were likely covered in herbicide and contaminated debris (the helicopters were likely exposed to herbicide as they landed in Vietnam, then returning to the ship where the Veteran serviced them covered in soil and foliage). Therefore, giving the benefit of the doubt, the Board finds that the Veteran is presumed to have been exposed to herbicides during his active service."
I do wish VA would speed up our own claims!


  1. MSgt Ed Jackson15 April, 2016 14:22

    It is great to hear you C-123K guys helped out the Navy veteran with his claim. Hang in there as long as it takes. It took me 9 years to win my AO claim from Guam.

  2. Congratulations! Perhaps it can be tagged as the "C123 Defense". As an Airedale I know many jets flew through contaminated airspace and landed at contaminated airfields. Then back to the Carriers to resume operations. The Blue Water Navy was and is a financial scapegoat. The monies that were there in 1991 suddenly disappeared in 2002. Now trying to get the presumption back the question is "Where's the money? Who has the money?" Questions that should not be even asked when it comes to our Veterans, the appropriations people find the money for everything else, but not for our Veterans?


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