10 June 2016

C-123 Update -- a little news

Recently some very good news, but also news that has our heads swiveling on our necks in pure confusion.

Good stuff first.

Ernie Pablo got word to us that he won a 100% VA disability claim, backdated to June 19,2016, for C-123 Agent Orange-related illnesses. Likewise, C-123 pilot LtCol Roger Pile emailed that his VA claim is now approved and "check is in the mail." Others have been winning their claims, according to VA, but we don't hear from all of them.

On the less happy side, Mrs. Lorraine Surrette has been told by VA that John's esophageal cancer won't be covered under the Agent Orange rules. John's doctor's letter to the VA was damaging...the doc just didn't seem to care. She's pretty shook up and hurt. An appeal to the BVA is now her only option.

The 74AES has their annual dinner tomorrow night, and I'm missing those folks already as I can't attend.

Meanwhile, our effort on retroactive claims continues, I promise. Not much hope but we're not giving up!

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  1. Wes Carter you were missed at the 74th Annual Dinner last night and talked about in your good efforts towards the Agent Orange program. Keep up the good work.
    Regards, Msgt Bob Patzelt (retired)


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