30 October 2016

Virginian-Pilot Publishes C-123 Agent Orange vs.VA & Dr. Al Young Report, Part One

This six page newspaper report is the 19th in their series of extraordinary coverage of Agent Orange from the beginning of Vietnam War.

The reporters offer new details on the unique and troubling role of Dr. Alvin Young in guiding the Department of Veterans Affairs for decades in the determined obstruction of veterans' exposure claims.

Dr. Young is named as the "go-to" guy for a predictable negative opinion whenever the VA seeks buttress goods denial of Agent Orange claims. The report offers a tight focus on the role of Dr. Young (and suggests another title of "Dr. Orange") when he and Major Wes Carter appeared before a committee of the Institute of Medicine Investigating veterans' exposure claims.

Veterans won this argument, with the IOM concluding that their exposure aboard their aircraft was harmful. In June 2015 the VA finally yielded, granting presumptive service connection for these veterans for the recognized list of Agent Orange ailments.

The second part of this report publishers on Monday October 31, 2060.

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