11 February 2017

Just In: Welcome financial help from vets at Pittsburgh's 911th TAG

Over the last couple weeks I've received envelopes with welcome financial help from our vets with the 911TAG in Pittsburgh.

Bart Farzattu, Chief John Casey and others have been beating the bush out there and I very much appreciate their support.

Let me ask for even more support, And in the area of our Agent Orange exposure claims. VA wants all of those claims processed in their St. Paul office. If you're doing your own claim or are working through one of the veterans service organizations please make sure to write "C-123 Agent Orange" in big letters on the envelope and on the first page of your package so they can flag it. St. Paul gives us expeditious service and if your claim is sent to any other regional office they'll just have to forward it to St. Paul themselves and you'll lose a bit of time in that process.

Who is eligible? Aircrew, maintenance, life support, and aeromedical evacuation.

Another thing to remember: if you are retired Air Force and get a VA Agent Orange disability award, You should then apply for combat-related special compensation (CRSC.) As a retiree, you're eligible for CRSC because Agent Orange is considered an "instrumentality of war." It's a great benefit, as are Pennsylvania benefits for its disabled veterans.

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