17 May 2017

Dr. Al Young – paid 55 foot tall stack of $100 bills to block C-123 Agent Orange claims!

Dr. Al Young. Famed Agent Orange apologist. Opposed to C-123 Agent Orange disability claims.

He was paid $600,000 on his most recent VA contract for opposing Agent Orange claims...and he's made millions altogether from VA and DoD...and from Dow and Monsanto. He's doing a contract now for the US Army Public Health Command, even though the Institute of Medicine concluded his input was "conjecture, nor evidence-based." But maybe the Army hasn't heard?

But the question plagued me..."What does $600,000 look like?" I've never seen so much cash. 

So, I checked the internet. A $600,000 stack of $100 bills makes a 55.47 foot tall stack. Used bills are thicker with wrinkles, and would be about 59 feet.

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