01 April 2011

A Night Spent Typing - getting help from Scientists, Media & Government

18 May: Thanks to our county's safety office, I got a long list of agencies and schools concerned with workplace safety, Agent Orange, toxicity, prostate cancer and other topics. I got up something of a form letter and started emailing it to everyone I could located with an email address on their various web sites, in particular state agencies, state departments of veterans affairs, and the Oregon Health Sciences University, which here in Portland has a particular interest group looking at Agent Orange.
Samples of what I wrote are attached and I suggest you use these, or word them yourselves to have them more effective, and email or mail them to your state authorities and others who can look at this issue of aircrew exposure to Agent Orange.
Our objective is clear: locate and convince authoritative sources to take these Air Force reports, plus our own unscientific anecdotal information, and help the VA reach the conclusion that flying Agent Orange contaminated aircraft equals Agent Orange exposure for the purpose of service-connection for Agent Orange-presumed conditions.
I've put a bunch of the letters I wrote in a single PDF file under the links section. Glad to have you folks do your own letters and copy me for inclusion. Know any neighborhood scientists or toxic exposure experts to help us??
Also located a current study about Agent Orange and kidney cancer, click here to download.

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