01 April 2011

Updates - Morning of May 6

1. Identified an especially comprehensive list of tail numbers and histories of the C123k fleet
2. Paul Bailey (for some reason) saved most of his flight orders, so he has records that are fairly complete BY TAIL NUMBER of which C123Ks he flew...because others are named on the same flight orders, that gives them evidence of exposure to specific aircraft...especially Patches which seems to have the most attention given so far for its contamination. Since hearing from Paul, we've had more flow in from Buzz, Al & Gail Harrington and John Harris
3. Conversations with Biomedical Hazard folks at Edwards AFB and Westover (good old Archie), seeking their professional help looking into the contamination, the notification of aircrews, and the effort to up the info in their chain of command.
4. Filed FOIAs with 311 Human Systems Wing (Brooks) & others...all acknowledged receipt
5. Team Effort:
a. Steve Caraker is going to get working on identifying names and emails to make our personnel access more effective. Especially, we need emails of crews from other bases, plus maintenance folks form the 731st.
b. Anita will survey the females as they had a breast cancer surge a while back, and we need to include the full scope of our crewmembers' experiences.
c. Paul Bailey will forward his comprehensive collection of flight orders. I'll remove the Social Security info, and prepare a single PDF so we can all identify which aircraft we flew
d. from everyone...how about more ideas, please????
e: John Harris is collecting flight records from 731st personnel
f. Wes Carter will sit on his duff, like a good MSC!
Off to bed...too many hours typing today!


ps....here are tail numbers from Paul Bailey's flight orders:
361, 362 (Patches), 565,580,581,583,592,607,629,635,663,669,681,706

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