17 June 2011

Toxic C-123K Fleet Destroyed!

On 11 May 2011, speaking with folks at AMARG Davis-Monthan, I learned the entire C-123 fleet was destroyed in 2010. Having labeled the remaining aircraft as "extremely hazardous/dangerous", there were special measures taken to address the contamination, then the aircraft were shredded and melted into ingots.
I guess that kills any dreams we may have had about getting called back to fly the suddenly-needed-for-national defense C-123 Provider!  I've filed FOIAs to get what documents there are addressing measures taken regarding the aircraft contamination....more details when stuff starts coming back to me. 
Important: the news release by Hill AFB stated that of the 18 remaining C-123s, 13 were formerly Agent Orange spray aircraft. I hope to get the tail numbers to compare with everyone's flight orders, etc.

  RIP, sweetheart!

Old Sarge, tears in his eyes, puts the tired, war-weary old Provider out of her misery...Old Hoss melted into scrap ingots!

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