08 June 2011

AF JAG Attorneys Hide Agent Orange Data Aircrew Data!

In 1996, the Deputy and the Director of the AF Environmental Law division recommended that information about contaminated C-123K aircraft stored at Davis-Monthan as well as a handful of museum aircraft be contained within "official channels"! The memo in which they made this amazing recommendation was included in the GSA Finding which canceled all sales of contaminated C-123K, and which we obtained via FOIA from the Chief Counsel of the General Services Administration.

We should have been given this information once it was established as reasonably correct. That had been established already with studies completed as early as 1993, three years before this JAG officer, Major (later Colonel) Ursula Moul wrote, and her commander, Colonel J. Abbott, endorsed "I do not believe we should alert anyone outside official channels of this potential problem", a problem many of us believe has led to death and illness of C-123K crewmembers. You will see the name of Major Ursula Moul on a whole lot of these contamination papers! Always recommending restricting essential information.

Hard to imagine, isn't it? As aircrew, we all had at least Secret clearances, and our official duties involved manning and supporting the weapon system we'd been assigned, and that was already hazardous duty...we didn't need dioxin contamination to increase our risks! And we certainly didn't need our own JAG officers to restrict information that we and our families needed to protect our health. They didn't even allow our flight surgeons to have this information. If Colonel Moul had been a passenger on a flight and we had to belly in somewhere, she absolutely knows to her very core that every crewmember on the airplane would risk death to get her out to safety...why couldn't she see to our safety with a health alert?

Colonel Moul certainly knows something about restricting release of information that the public needs, as it was the topic of her thesis while completing her Master of Laws degree at George Washington University.

Ya gotta ask yourself...would TV's Navy JAG Harm Rabb have done this to us? No way. On TV, military attorneys like Harm have ethics! BTW, thought his lovely costar was a Marine?

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