12 July 2011

Office of Secretary of Defense Consultant Comments on Air Force Reservists' Heart Disease and Cancer

In an email exchanged with one of his correspondants today, Dr. Alvin Young, Agent Orange Consultant to the Office of Secretary of Defense and retired AF colonel, offered his views about Air Force Reservists who flew dioxin-contaminated C-123K/UC-123K Providers between 1972-1982. His words:
"A sad commentary for blaming me. The Air Force did the right thing for the right reason in destroying those aircraft. It would have been a benefit to the tax payer to have sold those aircraft, but we all knew in time that the Air Reservists would seek presumptive compensation, and those aircraft would become the center of a social (not scientific) controversy, and never be used.  The link just about says it all. The only reason these men prepared such a story is that they are hoping they can cash in on " tax free money" for health issues that originate from life styles and aging. There was no exposure to Agent Orange or the dioxin, but that does not stop them from concocting exposure stories about Agent Orange hoping that some Congressional member will feel sorry for them and encourage DVA to pay them off. I can respect the men who flew those aircraft in combat and who made the sacrifices, many losing their lives, and almost all of them receiving Purple Hearts, but these men who subsequently flew them as "trash haulers", I have no respect for such free loaders. If not freeloading, what is their motive?"
I'm not sure this sounds like the gentleman we want advising senior Cabinet officials regarding Agent Orange exposure experienced by Air Force Reservists (the "trash haulers" and "free loaders" he refers to). No wonder he's alarmed that after being exposed to a decade of Agent Orange-contaminated aircraft which Air Force tests proved to be "heavily contaminated, extremely dangerous, extremely hazardous, extremely contaminated" and a danger to the public, the unworthy men mentioned above "will cash in on tax free money." Does it sound like a Reservist would get a fair shake here?

Not in a million years.

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