31 July 2011

Where's Help When We Need It?

The following agencies have been approached for help of any kind (advise, referrals, data analysis, suggestions, free candy, ideas, medical information, VA claims assistance, understanding the scientific content of the various AF tests, whatever) without response or with only a comment that our needs are not within their area of responsibility. This is buck-passing. At the most, some of these groups offered the sterling advice to go see the VA. Duh.

Buck passing is their job. Glad it wasn't ours.

State of North Carolina Department of Health, many other departments
State of Oregon Department of Health, many other departments
Centers for Disease Control
National Institutes of Health, Institute on Medicine
Disabled Veterans of America -"we don't do single-issues like this"
Surgeon General of the Air Force
School of Aerospace Medicine
Edwards AFB and other bases' Bioenvironmental Engineering Officers
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
Military Officers Association of America
Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs
Office of Secretary of the Air Force
Environmental Protection Agency
Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
Paralyzed Veterans of America
Wounded Warrior
County of Yamhill, Oregon
Congressman David Wu, NC (called after 2 months to send request again)
Buncomb County Health Department, North Carolina
Various professional associations involved with law, workplace safety, environmental health

Initial responses were received from the following, without word of any further activity:
Six United States Senators

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