10 October 2011

AF Museum Confirms Patches Dioxin Decontamination (Tail 362)

In his response to our letter asking about Patches and the dioxin contamination discovered on it during the 1994 testing cycle, the Director of the National Museum of the Air Force, LtGen John Hudson responded:
"It is my understanding that long before my tenure as Director the aircraft ("Patches", C-123K Tail #362) was found to be contaminated with dioxin, was de-contaminated by a contractor, and determined to be clean and safe to human health".
Nothing dramatic here, as the airplane has been tested over the years by the Air Force and found to be "heavily contaminated" in 100% of the swipe samples, but we are grateful for General Hudson not taking the now-standard dodge of referring our veterans to the VA for the VA's automatic denials. 

Thanks, General. That's called leadership. Its what you rightfully demanded of us and what we rightfully expect of you and our other leaders.

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