19 October 2011

VA Responds to Concerns re: C-123 & Congressional Briefing

Yesterday, in a highly unusual response to our concerns being voiced to the VA's Congressional Liaison Office, we were invited to have a teleconference with Senator Burr's staff, the VA Agent Orange experts, and the CLO. We've accepted the invitation and await the details. Maybe something can get moving!!!

their email follows:

Mr. Carter:

Thank you again for bringing your concerns to me, and allowing the VA the opportunity to assist.

After speaking with Mr. Carter Moore, our subject-matter expert on environmental hazards, and Mr. Brooks Tucker, Sr. Policy Advisor for National Security and Veterans Affairs to Senator Burr, I believe we are better positioned to assist with your concerns.

The Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Office of Public Health was the organizational unit that provided the briefing with Congressional Staff on the subject of environmental hazards. It was not the Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs.

Pending your agreement, we would like to set-up a time for a phone conversation between you, Mr. Tucker, and Mr. Moore to further discuss the details of your concern. Mr. Moore is very 
knowledgeable on the issue, so I think it would be appropriate to hold the discussion. We are also able to include folks from VHA’s Office of Public Health to ensure that you and your Veteran colleagues receive comprehensive and complete answers to your concerns.

Would this be something you are interested in?

If so, the point-of-contact would be Mr. Carter Moore at (202) 461-xxxx. Please let me know and we will be happy to assist and facilitate this meeting.



Adam Anicich
Assistant Director
Congressional Liaison Service
United States Department of Veterans Affairs

From: Wes Carter [mailto:rustysilverwings@gmail.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 12:56 PM
To: Anicich, Adam (CLS-Senate); Brooks_Tucker@burr.senate.govCc: f; Arch Battista; Andrew B Lown; a208773; jrowan; 
Subject: Liaison Office Inaccurate Statements to Sen Burr Staff

Dear Mr. Anicich,

Thanks for your return call this morning and the agreement to look into my issue. I maintain that the VA responded to Sen. Burr's staff with inaccurate and misleading information. The "Letter of Congressional Liaison" is the summary of the issue from my perspective. As chair of our C-123K aircrew veterans, I have posted every document we've uncovered concerning the dioxin contamination of our aircraft at http://www.c123kcancer.blogspot.com

I have found no materials concerning our airplanes which fail to show them as contaminated with dioxin remaining from their spray missions in Vietnam.

Best regards (and thank you for your service!)

    Wes Carter, Major, USAF Retired
    Medical Service Corps
    VA 100% Service Connected

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