30 September 2012

C-123 Veterans Statement of Finances

I don't know if it is interesting to anyone, but maybe we'd better set forth our financial picture.

There ain't no finances. We have no dues, no fundraising, no collections, no money flow at all. Those of us who've spend some money have spent our own, and we've been pretty agressive about NOT collecting funds, even from each other, but instead as some occasion arises just paying our own way.

What has been spent? I don't know the total, but we have spent our own money, individually, for airfare, travel expenses, printing and postage, some small office equipment such as staplers and binders, a handful of C-123 models (useful to explain the aircraft features), and Internet costs such as our several web sites.

Eventual success with the VA (not against the VA!) will mean that our qualified veterans with Agent Orange illnesses can turn to the VA for medical care. The value of that for those of us already retired from the military or already disabled and covered by the VA, is not a single penny. For those not retired from the military or VA-disability rated, it can mean life itself to get vital medical care, now denied.

For all, it means recognition of having done our duty aboard a particularly uncomfortable, particularly hazardous weapon system despite the dangers. It will mean the injustice of being cast aside for purposes of VA budget control will be made right.

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