30 January 2013

Air Force Reserve Command Identifies C-123 Assignments

In 2011 the Director Historical Services HQ Air Force Reserve Command was asked to document the assignment of C-123 aircraft to various squadrons during the 1972-1982 timeframe, following their use in Vietnam. These experts worked hard digging up 30 year-old data and admit it might be incomplete, but for what it is worth...and that's a lot!...here is their report. Just click HERE to download.

The document's importance lies in the comparison of aircraft named here and in the various Form 5s, flight orders and other sources with the lists of known spray aircraft. That lets us prove that each unit, Rickenbacker, Westover and Pittsburgh, flew contaminated airplanes, and not just Patches. We then can turn to the Army's Joint Services Records Research Center and update their files so as to then flow proper supporting information back to the Veterans Affairs!

And THANKS to the guys who sent in flight documents today...especially those from Rickenbacker. Keep them coming as we need to document every single AFRES and ANG C-123.

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