28 January 2013

Lest We Forget - "the good old days?"

Age does that to you...the good stuff gets priority in the memory banks and we tend to forget the less wonderful stuff.

And the C-123 certainly had its share of the less wonderful stuff! Besides Agent Orange, I mean!

On that list, I'll give first place credit to the AME ladies who had to tote along a porta-potty and a GI blanket to have any measure of privacy when nature called. The operation took two to hold the blanket while the third took care of business. And the rule was, first to use the potty had to empty it. I recall a couple unscheduled stops at places like Newark to use their facilities rather than do the blanket/potty drill!

For the males of the flight species, it wasn't much more fun. Last week I learned that a certain well-known engineer's first patent was for keeping the device below from freezing during use! Perhaps, there was some wisdom on Fairchild's part in not providing us a coffee pot???

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