13 March 2013

National Institutes of Health Physician CONFIRMS C-123 Agent Orange Exposure

Dr. Miller
In a letter received by the C-123 Veterans Association today (March 13, 2013), CAPT (Dr) Aubrey Miller stated, "It is my opinion that the scientific evidence is clear. Dermal exposure, including exposure to contaminated equipment or secondary exposure through contaminated clothing, tools, vehicles, etc. could result in absorption that would be problematic. Studies conducted in both humans and animals clearly demonstrate the ability of TCDD to be absorbed through the skin."

Dr. Miller is the Senior Medical Officer of the National Institutes of Health/National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, and is also a public health expert. His comments were the result of inquiries from the C-123 veterans seeking confirmation of our exposure aboard our airplanes. Dr. Miller also referenced the 2012 finding by Dr. Tom Sinks, Deputy Director of the CDC/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Dr. Sinks concluded that aircrews were exposed, and Dr. Miller wrote that, at NIH, "we agree with Dr. Sinks January 25 2012 hazard summary for exposure to this residual TCDD contamination."

Dr. Miller is an acknowledged cancer researcher and toxicologist in the Commissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service. Unfortunately for C-123 veterans, the VA Veterans Benefits Administration on February 28 2013 informed us that other federal agencies, regardless of their authority in the field, will not have their input accepted in evaluating veterans' claims. Only opinions created by the Veterans Health Administration are acceptable. The VHA has since Day One ruled veterans were not exposed, regardless of science, medicine, law, logic or any standard imaginable.

"No" means "no" because they say so. 

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