31 March 2013

C-123 Agent Orange Story Posted on YouTube

The story of C-123 veterans' Agent Orange exposure and the long, long struggle to get earned medical benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs has been summarized in a ten-minute video now posted on YouTube. The video covers the basics of the aircraft contamination, the VA and AF opposition to veterans' claims of exposure, and the wonderful supporting opinions we've received from the NIH, CDC, EPA, US Public Health Service and the National Toxicology Program, as well as independent experts from industry, education and science.

Other videos will follow as time permits, and will deal with VA opposition to our claims, the Air Force study of C-123 contamination and aircrew exposure, and other topics...if you have
one in mind, let us know!

The objective is to let these videos carry our message beyond the range of our own voices, and hopefully convince others of the validity of our claims.

Who knows...maybe even some VA wonk will be interested in seeing things from our perspective!

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