01 June 2013

C-123 Veterans Briefing: 23-page handout updated & ready to download

Today we finished updating the briefing our Association uses for meetings with political and veterans organization leaders, its focus being the basic argument proving our Agent Orange exposure. We go into detail about the tremendous support other federal agencies have given us, such as the Director of the CDC/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and we also detail how the VA sets up roadblocks to keep our veterans from successfully pursuing disability claims.

We will be distributing this at next week's Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing, as well as during meetings with other groups such as the MOAA, ROA and American Legion.

Please forward this handout to folks you'd like to have informed about our problem, and especially
present it to your senators and congressional representative, asking that they work with Senator Burr (Ranking Member Senate Veterans Affairs.)

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