19 July 2013

VA Views on Agent Orange Conflict With Other Experts!

note: TCDD=dioxin=2,3,7,8 (toxins in Agent Orange)

"There is no scientific evidence that a Veteran's presence in an aircraft containing solidified TCDD can lead to adverse long-term health effects."
                 - Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 7 June 2013 letter to US Senate

In my opinion, it is highly likely that you and other crew members were exposed to the herbicides and to their highly toxic contaminant, dioxin.
        - Dr. Jeanne Stellman, Profesor Emerata, Columbia University
Given the available information, I believe that aircrew operating in this, and similar environments, were exposed to dioxin.
       - Dr. Christopher Portier, Director, CDC/Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry

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