04 August 2013

C-123 Veterans Claims SITREP: 4 Aug 2013

It is highly likely that you and other crew members were exposed to the herbicides and to their highly toxic contaminant, dioxin.
        - Dr. Jeanne Stellman, Profesor Emerata, Columbia University
Aircrew operating in this, and similar environments, were exposed to dioxin.
       - Dr. Christopher Portier, (then) Director, CDC/Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry

I am in agreement. (with Dr. Portier's finding, above)
       - Rear Admiral R. Ikeda MD, Director, CDC/Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry

• VA will NOT permit C-123 veterans' claims.
       - Deputy Director, VA Post-Deployment Health
• We all die.
       - Dr. Michael Peterson, Chief Consultant, VA Post-Deployment Health
(responding to veteran asking VBA to reach accurate rating decisions before the veteran's death and not force two year appeals delay, March 2012)

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