06 December 2014

AME Flight Records Located

Buzz Bocynesky located a very good set of his Form 5 flight records. Because each of the missions he flew was aeromedical evacuation, others from the 74th AES with flight orders can compare their dates to his, and identify specifically which C-123K was flown. This is important as a step to prove that former Agent Orange spray aircraft were flown and by tail number.

Thus, Buzz' records establish his own Agent Orange aircraft, and because most AME kept their flight orders which didn't show tail numbers, comparing flight orders with Form 5 data completes the research. Suggestion: simply make a list of the dates flown, and compare to Buzz's records. The match of your dates and his, for Tail #s. Westover's Agent Orange spray planes included Tails 362, 361, 583, 607, 000 and 586. #635 seems to have been a spray plane as well, but research continues.

The Agent Orange aircraft on Buzz's Form 5s include only Tails #607, 365 and 361. AME without either flight orders for Form 5s can check Steve Caraker's or Paul Bailey's sets for their names – if their orders have show you listed there's your proof for the VA. Most of the Form 5s we have came from John Riley.

A spreadsheet combining what we have is available by clicking here, and we want to add crews and dates to compete the resource.

Thanks, Buzz. Everyone else, please scan your records and forward to me for our data base.

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