26 December 2014

C-123 Vets Invited to Jan 9 Release of IOM C-123 Exposure Report

IOM staff graciously invited C-123 veterans, and other interested parties, to attend the public release of its C-123 Agent Orange report. Underway since February 2014 at the initiation of VA Under Secretary of Veterans Benefits Allison Hickey, some resolution to veterans' need for Agent Orange illness benefits might be coming.

Veterans cite the restrictive language under which IOM accepted its "charge" from the VA. The distinguished physicians and scientists selected for service on the Committee were tasked by VA Post Deployment Health to study C-123 issues but was their charge was phrased to channel inquires into questions already found unanswerable by previous IOM committees.

Still, the report, and the manner in which VA elects to oppose any findings which affirm the C-123 veterans' claims, have importance. The 9th of January will be very interesting.

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