17 April 2015

AT LAST: VA RECOGNIZES C-123 VETERANS (sorta, kinda, not really)

This information is now part of the training materials Compensation and Pension distributes to veterans service organizations (such as state, county, VFW, DAV, American Legion) regarding C-123 claims.

From the VA Compensation Service Bulletin and their training materials:

The Department of Veteran Affairs has made the decision to consider a select group of Air Force Service members as being exposed to herbicides through regular and repeated duties while serving as flight medical and ground maintenance crew members on contaminated Operation Ranch Hand (ORC) C-123 aircraft that were used to spray Agent Orange in Vietnam.
The St. Paul Regional Office will process all claims for Agent Orange exposure related to C-123 Aircraft AO.  The St. Paul RO will be responsible to address all outstanding issues claimed. St. Paul Regional Office will take jurisdiction and follow standard claims processing procedures.

Since the St. Paul RO will have jurisdiction in these cases, we're not sure what other qualifiers or requirements are needed; however, they will provide the required information to the Veteran. Other ROs will merely forward such claims.

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