27 April 2015

Today's Developments re: JSRRC C-123 Veterans' Agent Orange Exposure Claims – "The Rest of the Story!"

Our last post detailed the decision by the Huntington WV Veterans Affairs Regional Office in denying a C-123 veterans' claims for a variety of illnesses associated with his Agent Orange exposures at Westover AFB, MA. Huntington denied, citing the JSRRC report which detailed NO Agent Orange use at Westover AFB, MA.

Correct. But what Huntington failed to do was include the affirming language also in the JSRRC report which very much confirmed the veteran's exposure claim.

Get it? Huntington wanted the claim denied, so Huntington VARO carefully selected language (out of context) to cite refusing the claim, and also very carefully selected language they didn't want in the report, so as to make sure the claim was denied but looked as though the JSRRC report was in the negative. 

Thank you, JSRRC, for clarifying this situation!!

Very creative. Very wrong. This must be corrected by Veterans Benefits Administration! Here is the language Huntington opted to skip over to screw the veteran:

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