16 July 2015

VA starting to have good news for 74th AES C-123 veterans!

News today that two AME folks have received their VA disability decision...and both were positive!

Dick Matte, who is hospitalized and hoping to get transferred to a rehab center, received his 100% VA disability award, backdated a year (he thinks.) Dick previously got a partial award from VA and this completes things. Now, Dick will need to arrange his state benefits and the Combat Related Special Compensation program. Dick's clam was a regular claim for exposure, following an initial denial and an appeal with the help of Yale Law School. Coming before the VA's new C-123 decision, this makes Dick one of the very few C-123 vets succeeding in their claims thus far.

Ed Kosakoski, long-time commander of the 74AES, is in home hospice and VA called to say his prostate cancer has been given a 60% disability rating, with other issues still being considered. This should help both families and what a relief! Ed's claim may be the very first processed under VA's new C-123 Agent Orange exposure rule.

Good job, VA! Thanks for taking care of our friends!!

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