18 July 2015

VA Awards First C-123 Agent Orange Claim to Ed Kosakoski

Great News!

Retired LtCol Ed Kosakoski, former commander of the 74th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, Westover AFB MA, was awarded service connection for his Agent Orange exposure and resultant prostate cancer. The VA's action was taken yesterday, July 17 and retroactive to June 19. 

Staffers for Under Secretary for Benefits Allison Hickey notified his family of the good news. Ed's claim happened to be the first to be processed under the VA's interim final rule ordered by Secretary McDonald for post-Vietnam C-123 veterans, with the St. Paul VARO assigned to process all C-123 claims.

A pharmacist in civilian life, Ed's military service began in the Army, rising to Master Sergeant before earning his Air Force commission and transfer to the Air Force Reserve. As a squadron commander he took special interest in helping his senior airmen earn their commissions, and so many did his unit developed a reputation as "Colonel K's OCS." He is married to retired active duty LtCol Ingrid Kosakoski.

Good job, VA!

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