16 January 2019

Coast Guard Paychecks Stopped - I’m offering my savings

The Coast Guard has stopped paying their uniformed personal effective today, so I have offered all my savings to the Coast Guard foundation for helping Coasties in Colorado. Not as a gift, but rather direct $3,000 loans until personnel can repay once their paychecks start up again.

You can also help by contacting their organizers:
Rear Admiral Cari Thomas USCG Retired
https://m.facebook.com/CGMutualAssist/.     http://www.cgmahq.org/

o far as I've learned, various drives are underway, such as the $12 million from USAA, but only $1000 per servicemember with dependents, or $750 without. Folks, that's not enough to cover rent! Further, some efforts are focused on $20 gift cards...you can see the mess 40,000 Coasties are in due to the shutdown.

The good news is that the President signed legislation assuring them of their lost wages when the budget turmoil is over. Thus loans can be expected to be repaid promptly, and I'm willing to take any risk otherwise.

Find a way to help out. I don't see how we can sit on our butts (and on our savings accounts) when comrades in arms are on duty worldwide without pay for their families!

What are your thoughts and ideas?

       Wes Carter

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