15 November 2011

Museum Visits and Research

Yesterday I visited the Hill AFB Museum and checked out their C-123. Strictly a cargo bird as it seems from the outside...no left-over pipes under the wings in from the engines, anyway.

Thursday I will be at the National Museum of the Air Force to look over Patches again, and hope to also visit their Research Section on the main base to learn more about its decontamination and any details about the post-Vietnam use of the fleet. LtGen Hudson recently wrote us about the dioxin issues involving Patches and I hope to get more particulars about the firm which did the work cleaning up the bird.

Paul Bailey is contacting Dartmouth and University of New Hampshire to get their medical professionals and toxicologists to look over our data and offer opinions as to whether or not we "are as likely to as not" have been exposed to dioxin during our crew days.

Please...ask your own state university or state department of health to look this situation over...letters from them would be extremely persuasive, especially as we head to the first of our disability claim denials or approvals followed by appeals.

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