18 November 2011

VA Nails the Lid on Our Coffin! Denies Agent Orange Exposure

What a surprise to learn that the VA, flying in the face of scientific tests to the contrary, has decided that C-123 aircrews HAVEN'T been exposed to Agent Orange after all. And if we were, we were not exposed to enough to harm us. Great news for all of us who are dying as we can now look for another cause and not cast blame onto the VA.

I guess our 27 October teleconference was, after all, simply a check-off activity from the VA's perspective. It was conducted so they could say they'd opened it up to public and veteran discussion and, carefully weighing the evidence (all of which points in our favor!) they've determined they'll deny us veterans' benefits for AO exposure.

This is a screw job, "plane" and simple. It really hurt to have authors of earlier testing programs drop us from their concern...so much for No Airman Left Behind. Courage must be a quality expected of those of us in flight suits, not other professionals.

VA Seal and Newspaper

Veterans Health Administration Update
Agent Orange

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Veterans on C-123 planes post-Vietnam
Some Veterans who were crew members on C-123 aircraft, formerly used to spray herbicides in Vietnam, have expressed health concerns about possible exposure toAgent Orange residue on plane surfaces. After reviewing available scientific reports, VA has concluded the potential for long-term adverse health effects from Agent Orange residue in these planes was minimal. Even if crew exposure did occur, it is unlikely that sufficient amounts of dried Agent Orange residue could have entered the body to have caused harm.
Visit the Agent Orange homepage to learn more about Agent Orange:www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange.   
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