04 November 2011

We're Going to aToxicology Conference!

We're taking our case to the experts! The Society of Toxicology meets in 2012 and we'll be there, or at another professional gathering if better suited to our needs. This week arrangements were investigated for a tabletop display of our C-123 Agent Orange contamination, focusing on the VA explanation that aircrews serving aboard the Provider weren't exposed to dioxin. Basic "flavor" is how could the VA twist contamination studies to conclude against the interest of its veterans and the ethical implications. That last part is under discussion as it might not be territory which the Society wants to address...their call, not ours.

The Society also publishes a journal and we're waiting to see if our one page add will be accepted...it has to meet their editorial approval. As for a professional juried article...that's in the works also with interest expressed by different researchers and their institutions.

Wow...a terrific storm of support for the FACT that C-123 aircrews were MOST LIKELY (we don't say absolutely but use the VA phrase "more likely to than not") exposed to Agent Orange. The planning on the article outline is underway, and we also hope to have a ethical, not just technical perspective.

Ideas, all you budding toxicologists and bioenvironmental scientists?

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