01 April 2013

TSA Does it Right for Wounded Warriors!

Thank goodness somebody in the government knows how to do things right, and not just to cause more taxes, or longer lines, or increase their direct-reports, or defend bloated budgets, or figure out how to get more time away from work....folks at the  Transportation Security Agency put together a special program for Wounded Warriors to help speed through airports...kinda like what OJ Simpson used to do in the Hertz ads before he had his "little" trouble with the law.

Just give them notice 24 hours ahead of departure and, if you're qualified, you're going to get the red carpet treatment at last. Curbside assistance, breezing through security with minimal delay, and onto your flight without working up a sweat.

Next time you travel, check out the kindness in action put together by the TSA! Now, if only other agencies could look around and find cheap, reasonable ways to help disabled vets!

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