11 September 2013

Don't Tweak the VA's Nose, Part Two

Reading over my recent VA decision, in which 15 separate issues claimed were all denied, I'm convinced I really, really annoyed somebody at 1800 G Street in the District.

Denied were some issues for which I haven't even been examined yet. Maybe they were denied to save postage later??

Denied also were issues for which I submitted a Line of Duty determination, commander's letter, Bethesda Naval Hospital treatment records, all of which the VA summed up as  "no record of injury or treatment during service."

Denied were claims for aid and attendance, although I'm confined to bed or a power chair most of the time and unable to manage my life without help (cleaning, dressing, transportation, cooking, medication, home management, etc.) 

Denied were claims for chronic pain, despite VA referrals to pain clinics for treatment of chronic pain, despite VA steroid injections, despite VA-prescribed morphine, despite clinical diagnosis of chronic pain, despite Social Security legal determination of chronic pain, despite twelve surgeries since Gulf One, all denied without reference in the denial even to the VA's own records for these proofs.

Denied also, all my claims for poor treatment/bad results/failure to diagnose/malpractice associated with years of poorly monitored steroid prescriptions which resulted in a myriad of health problems. Denied even though a surgeon failed to note two years of steroid prescriptions, and instead noted in error the absence of those prescriptions because he didn't bother reading the patient records, important because steroids are a near-universal precursor for problems the VA then failed to treat. And a little CYA from his boss.

It just goes to show you: don't annoy the VA until your claim has been decided and you are safe in the P&T category!

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