17 September 2013

Please Join Our C-123 Agent Orange Site

Please consider joining our C-123 Agent Orange site...it helps distribute free postings to your email box each morning when there is new copy, and it help show Google their support is appreciated. Unlike most other blogs, Google immediately posts our materials on the Internet, making this resource available to all veterans concerned about herbicide exposure and concerned about how we can work with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Our current version of C-123 Veterans: VA Illegally Blocks Agent Orange Claims is Edition 3.2, available in PDF format (free!) by downloading the 32MB book. This version is for all computers, smart phones and tables.

If you have an iPad, Apple publishes the book in iTunes, which you can find by searching Wes Carter, or clicking HERE. The Apple version is necessarily a few weeks behind the PDF version due to Apple's editing cycle. Again, the book is free from whichever source you prefer.

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