22 January 2014

Dick Matte Hospitalized at Brigham & Womans Hospital, Boston

Disturbing news about MSgt Dick Matte received today from LtCol Dave Zamorski, through Steve Caraker:

I received a call from Matte–he was calling from Brigham Women's Hospital, with the news he had his right leg just below the knee amputated. Apparently he was admitted to Mercy Hospital with open lesions on his right foot, treated with antibiotics and after a short stay released and told to see his provider. The provider just endorsed the same treatment although the lesions were still not healing. On 6 Jan he went to Brigham for his normal routine follow up visit, when he showed the physician his foot he was immediately admitted. Two operations were performed to save the leg by taking out the dead tissue but the infection had run its course which call for the amputation. He is under close watch,on antibiotics to ensure the infection has not spread. Hopefully all will go well, the stay should be for one to two weeks.

Prayers for Dick's continued recovery...his earlier heart transplant and denied Agent Orange claims add to the concerns for his health.

01/24/2013 Update: Dick was released to a rehab facility nearer his home in Agawam. He's in great humor and certainly hangin' in there!

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