08 January 2014

Dr Linda Birnbaum Interview: What is Dioxin? (video)

Dr. Linda Birnbaum, now Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, recorded a video addressing dioxin (TCDD) topics in 2004. While the research has continued for these past ten years, her report remains correct in every respect. Watch by clicking HERE.

Although Dr. Birnbaum explains why the National Institutes of Health and the CDC and the EPA consider dioxin a human carcinogen, over at VA's Compensation and Pension Service C-123 veterans must draw comfort from the Director Compensation and Pension's personal assurances that "in summary, there are no long term adverse health effects from TCDD." That's how he denies all C-123 exposure claims.

No evidence to the contrary from anybody, anywhere will ever change his mind, he told us...no matter what university, world-renowned scientist, federal agency, VA physician...never!

We sure need C&P to update less knowledgeable folks in science and medicine about his startling discoveries.

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