17 January 2014

Paul Sutton Forwards the Chicago Tribune Series on Vietnam; Charts Show When/Where/How Much Agent Orange Sprayed During War

Veterans of all services are fortunate to have a resource in that great Marine, Paul Sutton.

When C-123 guys encountered VA's "Get the Hell Out" knee-jerk response when we  asked (why'd we bother?) the government for help,
worrying about this health mess, his USB memory stick arrived with the start of our technical literature collection, saving months of research and lending enough encouragement that we didn't quit when we first heard

Here Paul forwards the Chicago Tribune's Agent Orange resources. Much of the Agent Orange story springs from Chicago...not the Agent Orange stuff itself, but the news about the toxin. The VA in Chicago had dedicated staffers who noted and understood the developing statistics of illness among Vietnam War veterans.

Taking it to the news professionals, Bill Kurtis of CBS picked up the ball and so did the Chicago Tribune. Without their coverage, the scandal might have faded from America's attention.


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